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The Beginnings of Subways
A subway is a popular means of transportation that originated from the United States. It is a train-like vehicle that carries a significant number of passengers that stop from station to another. People would prefer such kind of transportation despite of its crowded nature since traffic is not experienced in this kind of method. It has a special rail that is elevated from the common thoroughfares of the city. A subway serves a lot of convenience to those people who are always in the rush and would want to get into one place in the fastest means there is. But how such transportation idea came about?
It all started when the US, specifically New York City, experienced a rapid population increase in the mid-1800. As expected, problems regarding this increase were experienced by all. And one of these is transportation. People during those times experienced unbelievable traffic problems that does not only affected their time but as well as their day to day transactions. With this Alfred Ely Beach made an intensive research on how to put this ordeal to a stop.
February of 1870, Beach introduced to the public the below the ground transportation system. This ground breaking event took place in a subterranean travel which was then later on known as “Pneumatic Transit”. This transportation scheme consist a 312 foot wind tunnel and 22 passenger cars that was propelled by tracks with 100 horsepower. This was adopted by the city and was found out to be effective and since then “Pneumatic transit” has been serving millions of American people to get into their appointments before or right on time.
In the end of the 19th century, Boston experienced the same traffic dilemma in New York City. They also maneuvered an alternative to end this ordeal or a better transportation system in the city. And in the end, an electric-powered trolley emerged that is similar to the “Pneumatic transit” in New York.
With all these facts, Americans found out the importance of having such means of transportation in their respective states. It indeed serves a lot of convenience especially to busy people who are always rushing to a meeting or appointments. With these, transportation experts that time made innovations on the “Pneumatic transit” and by October of 1904, New York launched the very first ever subway which is 9 miles long but this time the subway lines or railways is situation above the ground.
This innovation became the standard of all other subways created in other states of the United States. Subways continued to multiply in number and have been serving people since then. However during the World War II the operation stopped for a while but then resumed in 1946 and has been serving the people nonstop until this moment.
As years gone by, several subway innovations were made; there was the San Francisco BART system which was pronounced as the revival era for subways. Such system consist 71 miles track and the first ever centrally operated transportation system in the history of America. BART was adopted in Atlanta, Baltimore, Miami and Washington D.C.
Up to this age, subways are being utilized as the fastest and cheapest means of transportation that would never fail to get a person to his or her destination right on time.
Promotional Strategies in Subway Stations
Just like any other business establishments, railway subway management also has promotional strategies to attract more and more clients. Needless to say that subways are more than just a service company but it is also a business being managed by individuals and employs a couple of dozen personnel for their own living. Giving out these promotional strategies is just the management’s way of expressing their gratitude to their avid clients who have been availing their service every now and then.
Such promotional strategies may either be in a form of discounts or freebies and is being offered during those times like the company’s anniversary, Christmases, Thanksgiving, Halloweens and so many more.
Discounts. The management imposes a significant percentage less against the usual fare rate at a given circumstances. There are times that the fare discounts are given during late night hours or early morning operation hours. There are also times wherein the management imposes some criteria on which passenger would qualify and take advantage of the said discount. Coupons are also being handed out – it may either be a percentage discount or an absolutely free ride, depending on the management’s decision.
Raffle Draws. This occurs when the management decides to dole out raffle coupons to clients who met the standard maximum amount of availed fare service. This raffle coupons are then stored in a raffle box and will be drawn at the given raffle date. Prices will be given away to the lucky winners and such prices will be given out upon the presentation of the winning stub and an identification card containing vital information that would match the information that was given in the raffle stub.
Freebies. Freebies such as souvenir items, caps, t-shirts, key chains, and so many more are also given away to clients in several circumstances. The management gives out these freebies just like how they give out discounts and coupons. They assign a time and some criteria on which client could avail the said freebies. These freebies are usually being handed to the passenger by some designated personnel to the passenger. No identification and stubs to be handed over. Once the management identifies an eligible client, freebies would be given out immediately.
Coffee and newspaper. This is the most common promotional strategy implemented by subway management. Such usually takes place during the morning and early travelers are the lucky claimants of such promotional strategy. This way the passenger could enjoy his or her morning ride with the latest news in his or her hands with a steaming coffee.
These promotional means are being imposed every now and then, and are being announced for the information of the public through local newspapers, TV and radio stations and even put up posters stating the said event around the city.
These are done regularly by the management to give away some of their earnings back to the public who deserves a little of their blessings too.
To know for upcoming promos, just keep track through the common media outlets and even browse through the internet.
Back in 1960's, a man named Fred Deluca dreamed to become a physician and in his quest to fulfill his dream, he needed to make a way for him to make ends meet and support his education. A close friend of his suggested for him to set up a sandwich shop. Together with his friend and business partner Dr. Peter Buck, they built the first sandwich shop in Connecticut in August of the same year. The two had a goal of having 32 stores in a span of ten years. But they realized that this is a hard dream so they think of another way of realizing their dream so, they stated franchising and Subway was born.
Today, Subway is the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world. With 34,000 locations all over the world, people from every corner of this earth can now enjoy nutritious, easy and delicious foods for every member of the family to enjoy.
Each branch of subway is dedicated to bring in the table the food that is filled with nutritious food. They are not just your typical restaurant or fast food chain that serves food without even thinking about the nutrition that you will get from each meal that you will order.
They have wide range of foods that everyone will surely enjoy. They have different kinds of sandwiches, affordable foot longs, healthy foods for kids, beverages and as well as salads. Not just that, if you want their foods right in your table at home, you can always rely on their catering team which will attend to your catering needs.
For those who would like to be part of Subway Company, they are happier to welcome you as one of their franchisee. You will be a part of team of proven and tested products that come from a trusted company with great operating system in the food business industry.
Most people would like to have great tasting food that they can order from a reliable and trusted company. Subway is one of them. For the most part, the company is not just there to earn and profit, they are there to help people have the food that they want which is beneficial for their body. It is also dedicated to businessmen who want to succeed in business by letting them be part of their team of winners.
With the technology that has evolved throughout the ages, the company has also evolved and today, they are accepting orders online. This is the most convenient way for one to order foods that you like without the hassle of driving, traffic and as well as falling in line.
Throughout the years, the company has been consistent with their goals to become the leading in food industry. Not just that, they also have exceeded the expectations of many when it comes to the healthy foods and delectable dishes that they serve for a very good price that each member of your family will surely love and enjoy.

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